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    UTS 4.1

    Automatic tablet testing system

    Härte-Messung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHHärte-Messung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH Hardness
    Oblong-Tabletten, Länge, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHOptionale Weiten-Messung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH Length
    Durchmesser, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH, TablettenprüfsystemeDurchmesser, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH, Tablettenprüfsysteme Diameter
    Messung der Dicke, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHMessung der Dicke, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH Thickness
    Gewichtmessung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHGewichtmessung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH Weight
    Optionale Weiten-Messung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHOptionale Weiten-Messung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH Optional width

    The UTS 4.1 is a universal and fully automated testing system developed for use in industry. The UTS 4.1 is the tried and tested model of a series of testing systems put through trials over many years. It was developed in close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry.

    The UTS 4.1 allows you to test round, oval, square and oblong tablets, as well as numerous special­ shapes. For tricky oblong tablets, the tried and tested Oblong Centering System (OZB) can be incorporated.

    All parts requiring cleaning can be removed quickly and easily with no need for tools.

    The testing system can be enhanced with various optional extras, such as a feeder and/or sample collector with different numbers of stations.

    Use the UTS 4.1 as a lab tester or online monitoring device connected to a tablet­ press. Sampling can be initiated either in the production ­machine or using the TTS11 software.

    UTS 4.1 tablet testing system, the Number 1 among tablet testers (photo shows touch display, UTS 4.1 TD)


    • Solid industrial design
    • Reliable test results
    • For standalone use


    • TTS11 software, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
    • Oblong Centering System (OZB)
    • 12, 24 or 48 station feeder
    • Single air conveyor system
    • Double air conveyor system
    • 3-slot sorting diverter
    • 12, 24 or 48 station sample collector


    UTS 4.1
    L x W x H (mm): 590 x 400 x 530
    Weight (kg): 40


    Optional Oblong Centering System (OZB)

    Optional casters, see accessories

    UTS 4.1-Touch: User-friendly, intuitive operation via touchscreen display

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    UTS 4.1-12F

    Tablet testing system

    with 12-station feeder


    UTS 4.1-S20

    Dust-proof version ensures safe working


    Customized solutions:

    UTS model

    S7with special feeder for tablets up to Ø 25 mm
    S8for tablets up to Ø 50 mm
    S9for mini tablets
    S10dust-proof version
    S16with conveyor belt feeder and ­5-way ­sorting diverter
    S17with 2-way sorting diverter

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