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    CIW 6.4

    Automatic weighing and length measuring system for capsules

    The CIW 6.4 automatic weighing system is a special version of the tried and tested CIW 6.2. In addition to measuring weight, the CIW 6.4 provides optimal and nearly powerless length measurements for capsules. The capsule will be positioned without any impact on the measuring of the capsule length.


    • Solid industrial design
    • Reliable, rapid weighing


    • TTS11 software, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
    • 12-station feeder
    • 12-station sample collector
    • Single air conveyor system
    • Double air conveyor system

    With the CIW 6.4 you can create and measure 2 test classes.


    Gewichtmessung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHGewichtmessung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH



    CIW 6.4  



    CIW 6.4
    W x D x H (mm): 440 x 490 x 470
    Weight (kg): 30

    Close-up of length measurement

    Bestseller by Kraemer Elektronik

    CIW 6.x-12FS

    With 12-station feeder

    IPC.line CIW 6.1/6.2 automatic tablet weighing system, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH

    Automatic testing of several products

    CIW 6.x-S10

    Dust-proof version

    IPC.line CIW 6.1/6.2 automatic tablet weighing system, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH

    Dust-proof test chamber

    Customized Solution

    If you wish, we can provide special solutions for your specific requirements. Here are a few examples:

    CIW 6.2
    S9For mini-tablets only
    S9 -12FFor mini-tablets with 12-station feeder
    S13Direct feed
    S143-way sorting diverter in chute
    S155-way sorting diverter in chute
    S16With conveyor belt feeder

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