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    CIW 7.4 (IPC version)

    Automatic weighing and length measuring system for capsules with touch display

    The automatic weighing system CIW 7.4 IPC is a special version to the CIW 7.2 IPC. In addition to measuring weight, the CIW 7.4 IPC allows an optimal and almost force-free length measurement for capsules. The capsule is positioned and the measurement of the capsule length is not influenced.

    The CIW 7.4 IPC is now equipped with the database-supported, intuitive all-in-one touch software and thus no longer requires additional software solutions for most applications. The functionality of the software can be expanded in a modular way – fitting to your needs and requirements.

    Product labels: "New" and FDA 21 CFR 11 Compliance | Kraemer Elektronik tablet testers
    Automatisches Wiege- und Längenmesssystem für Kapseln CIW 7.4 IPC-Version: Basisgerät | Kraemer Elektronik Tablettenprüfgeräte

    CIW 7.4 IPC as basic unit


    • Intuitive touchscreen operation
    • Modularly expandable, database-driven All-in-one touch software
    • Interfaces: USB and LAN
    • Solid construction


    • Single air conveyor system
    • Double air conveyor system
    • License: FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (including audit trail, batch report, user management)
    • Licenses: TTS11 interface, user management, import and export (LIMS, CSV), IQ /OQ
    • Further software licenses on request

    With the CIW 7.4 IPC you can create and measure up to 2 test classes.


    CIW 7.4 IPC: Weight, length


    CIW 7.4 IPC
    W x D x H (mm): 440 x 490 x 470
    Weight (kg): 30

    Close-up of length measurement

    Precise measurement of capsules

    The CIW 7.4 IPC was specially designed for the measurement of capsules and provides you with highly precise test results - both for weighing and length measurement.

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