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    Dynamic calibration

    Dynamic adjustment and calibration

    Härte-Messung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHHärte-Messung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH Hardness

    Each of our tablet testing units includes the standard accessories for calibration with weights and gage blocks. The load cells in our testing units ­have demonstrable,­ outstanding consistency and linearity.

    Weights of up to 40 kg would have to be used to ensure comprehensive calibration. This would be impractical and risky. We recommend dynamic calibration for a comprehensive calibration process.


    The 'Dynamic calibration package' comprises:

    • A certified external load cell
    • A software package for the testing unit and a display unit for dynamic calibration

    During the dynamic calibration process, the hardness measuring station ­approaches ­the predefined number of measuring points dynamically. The software records the measure­ment results of the testing unit and compares them with the reference load cell. At the end, a calibration report can be printed out.


    • Comprehensive calibration
    • No calibration weights required


    Dynamic calibration package

    Lx W x H (mm): 152 x 90 x 34

    The load cell is placed in the breakage chamber of the tablet testing system to enable dynamic calibration

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