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    Feeder, sample ­collector & sorting diverter option

    Automated feeding and sorting of different batch samples

    Feeder & sample collector

    Do you have different products and not much time? Simply automate and accelerate the testing process. With the sample feeder, you can let the testers get on with the job without having to start each test cycle individually. Thanks to the additional sample collector, tablets that are not irreparably damaged can be kept for further testing. The sample feeder and ­collector are available in three sizes – 12, 24 and 48 stations.

    Sorting diverter

    Instantly detect and separate good, poor or damaged tablets. With the 3- way sorting diverter, tablets are discharged separately straight after testing. This is extremely helpful, as specimens that are not irreparably damaged can be further analyzed in the laboratory.


    • Time savings
    • Tested tablets are sorted before filling
    • Available for nearly all UTS and CIW devices

    Feeder for UTS and CIW 6.x  devices

    Sorting diverter using CIW 6.x as an example

    Sample collector with transport­device using CIW 6.x as an example

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