Manual hardness testers

The manual laboratory testing units of the H-series in the new LAB.line design combine state-of-the art technology with usability: rounded shapes, generous radii and smooth surfaces make cleaning child's play.

Operation of the embedded touchscreen display is simple and intuitive: you can ­change a product or view informative test results with just a few ­clicks.

As an option, you can extend the measuring range to 800 N, and test and analyze even harder tablets and other pressed ­products. The H4 version includes a thickness ­measuring station. Connect an external scale to the H5 version and test all five parameters.


  • Clean design
  • Integrated LED status lamp
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Length measuring range up to 60 mm
  • Hardness measuring range up to 800 N (optional)


  • Load cells: 50 N, 500 N (standard), 800 N
  • Base with two larger collecting bins



H2: Hardness, diameter/length
H3: Hardness, diameter/length, width
H4: Hardness, diameter/length, width, thickness
H5: Hardness, diameter/length, width, thickness, weight (ext. scale)
H5+: Hardness, diameter/length, width, thickness, weight (ext. scale), ext. thickness
L x W x H (mm): 230 x 268 x 102
Weight (kg): 8.5

Smart, intuitive and high quality. The advantages of the H-series.

Clean design

  • Always hygienic and clean
  • With its rounded corners and edges, the H-series is always easy to clean

Intuitive touchscreen operation

  • Insert tablet and start testing
  • The new touchscreen user interface of the H-series is simple and self-explanatory

Measuring range optionally up to 800 N

  • Extend your measuring range for hardness tests to 800 N
  • Ideal for chemical products such as catalysts, pellets and extrudates

Equipment details: Compact, user-friendly, powerful

Collecting bin for tested tablets

Basic H5 version with external scale (Mettler)

Basic H5 version with external scale (Sartorius)

Exchangeable fixed jaw for different tablet shapes

Large collecting bin is easy to install

Easy measurement of the five parameters hardness, length/diameter, width, thickness and weight

The H5+ is a manual single tablet testing system that covers all five major tablet parameters in one unit.

The results of the different measuring stations are displayed in an overall report.

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