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    OZB option

    Centering and measuring unit for oblong tablets

    Oblong-Tabletten, Breite, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHOblong-Tabletten, Breite, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH Width
    Kraemer Elektronik GmbH, exzellente TablettentestsystemeKraemer Elektronik GmbH, exzellente Tablettentestsysteme Centering

    The Oblong Centering Unit (OZB) is available as an optional module and can be retrofitted­ to all testing systems Version 4 and higher (UTS). The ­centering unit is installed above ­the hardness measuring station. Elongated products such as oblong tablets, for­ example, are precisely positioned and guided without contact during the ­hardness test. Customized centering jaws can be provided for unusually shaped tablets.

    1. Centering function

    Precise positioning and guidance provides you with maximum peace of mind during ­hardness measurements of oblong tablets. 'Multiple' centering is already integrated and just needs to be activated.

    Oblong Centering Unit (OZB)

    2. Width measurement

    The jaws of the OZB unit enable the automatic measurement of tablet width. In conjunction with the PH21 software or touch display, width can be set as the fifth measurement parameter. Alternatively, the OZB can also be used in place of the thickness gage to measure tablet thickness. This special feature solves the problem of oblong tablets lying on their side because of the unfavorable height/side ratio.

    Centering and width measurement


    • Reliable positioning
    • Width measurement


    • Customized jaws


    W x D x H (mm)
    OZB100 x 90 x 150

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