Semi-automated tablet testing units

These versatile laboratory testers from the P-series offer you the latest technology, a space-saving design, and maximum flexibility. Adapt the basic units (P2-P5) to your requirements at any time.

The new LAB.line design also boasts a lot of practical advantages: thanks to the generous radii, rounded corners and smooth surface, cleaning is child's play.

The P5 version tests all five parameters automatically. The Vibralign and Roto system makes precise tablet positioning easy. 

The intuitive touch display enables fast, easy operation. The results are shown immediately on the clearly laid out display, and can be printed out or shown as a PDF report.


  • Clean design
  • Automatic tablet positioning
  • Sensor-aided menu navigation
  • Integrated 360° LED status display


  • Load cells:
    50 N, 500 N (standard), 1000 N
  • Covered model with integrated breakage chamber
  • Vibralign system
  • Roto system (manual, adjustable grooved plate) for easy tablet positioning in the P3 and P4 models

Measurement parameters


P2: Weight, thickness
P3: Thickness, diameter/length, hardness
P4: Weight, thickness, diameter/length, hardness
P5: Weight, thickness, diameter/length, hardness, width


P2 - P5
W x D x H (mm): 320 x 320 x 185
Weight (kg): < 15

Tablet positioning that's one of a kind with the Vibralign and Roto systems

Vibralign system

The tablets are precisely rotated 90° and positioned for width measurement using the Vibralign system incorporated in the hardness station.

Roto system (manual, adjustable grooved plate)

In the P4 model, the Roto system (manual, adjustable grooved plate) ensures easy tablet positioning. You can choose from three different ­settings: a flat, light or deep groove.

The advantages of the P-series. Precise, high quality and user-friendly.

Intuitive navigation

  • Insert tablets and start testing
  • The new touchscreen user interface of the P-series is simple and self-explanatory

Integrated 360° LED status display

  • The clear and comprehensible LED display provides information about the equipment status at all times
  • The equipment­ status can be easily seen from a distance

Automatic tablet ­positioning

  • Length, width, hardness, …
  • The P-series accurately places even oblong tablets in every test position

Clean design

  • Always hygienic and clean
  • With its rounded corners and edges, the P-series is always easy to clean

Find out more in our P-series product video …

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