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    UTS 4.3 (IPC version)

    Automatic testing system

    The UTS 4.3 IPC is a universal and fully automatic tablet testing system based on the long-proven UTS 4.1 – this was developed for industrial use and can be found in production worldwide. The UTS 4.3 IPC is now equipped with the database-supported, intuitive all-in-one touch software and no longer requires additional software solutions for most areas of application.

    The functionality of the software can be extended modularly and individually adapted to your needs and requirements. FDA regulations can be fulfilled with the optional FDA-21-CFR-Part-11 module.

    With the UTS 4.3 IPC – as with the proven UTS 4.1 in the IPC area – you can test round, oval, square and rectangular tablets as well as numerous special shapes. For difficult oblong tablets, the globally used Oblong Centering System (OZB) can also be integrated.

    By using the new all-in-one connection line, the UTS4.3 IPC can be controlled directly from the tablet press. Furthermore, you can control the sample train either via the production machine or the TTS11 software solution.

    Product labels: "New" and FDA 21 CFR 11 Compliance | Kraemer Elektronik tablet testers
    Automatisches Tabletten-Prüfsystem UTS 4.3 (IPC-Version): Basisgerät | Kraemer Elektronik Tablettenprüfgeräte

    UTS 4.3 IPC basic unit


    • Intuitive touchscreen operation
    • Modularly expandable, database-driven All-in-one touch software
    • Automatic tablet positioning
    • Interfaces: USB and LAN
    • Solid construction


    • Oblong Centering System (OZB)
    • Load cells: 500 N (standard), 1000 N
    • 12-station feeder
    • 12-station sample collector
    • License: FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (including audit trail, batch report, user management)
    • Licenses: TTS11 interface, user management, import and export (LIMS, CSV), IQ /OQ
    • Further software licenses on request

    With the UTS 4.3 IPC you can create and measure up to 6 test classes.


    UTS 4.3 IPC: Hardness, length, thickness, diameter, weight, width (optional)
    UTS 4.3-12SR IPC with collector: Hardness, length, thickness, diameter, weight, width (optional)



    UTS 4.3 IPC
    W x D x H (mm): 495 x 624 x 545
    Weight (kg): 42



    UTS 4.3-12SR IPC with collector
    W x D x H (mm): 518 x 772 x 605
    Weight (kg): 56


    Automatisches Tabletten-Prüfsystem UTS 4.3 (IPC-Version): Anschlüsse, Rückseite | Kraemer Elektronik Tablettenprüfgeräte

    Connections UTS 4.3 IPC,
    back side

    UTS 4.3 IPC with optional accessories

    UTS 4.3-12SR IPC

    Type option: With collector


    Automatisches Tabletten-Prüfsystem UTS 4.3 (IPC-Version): Bauart-Option mit optionaler Transporteinrichtung und Sammler | Kraemer Elektronik Tablettenprüfgeräte

    With optional transport device and collector

    UTS 4.3 IPC

    Type option: With transport device

    Automatisches Tabletten-Prüfsystem UTS 4.3 (IPC-Version): Bauart-Option mit Transporteinrichtung | Kraemer Elektronik Tablettenprüfgeräte

    With optional transport device

    UTS 4.3-S20 IPC

    Type option: Dust-proof version

    Automatisches Tabletten-Prüfsystem UTS 4.3 (IPC-Version): Bauart-Option als staubgeschützte Ausführung | Kraemer Elektronik Tablettenprüfgeräte

    The dust-proof version of the UTS 4.3-S20 IPC with single tablet feeder guarantees safety at work

    Customized solutions

    If you wish, we can provide special solutions for your specific requirements. Here are a few examples:

    S7With special feeder for tablets up to Ø 25 mm
    S8For tablets up to Ø 50 mm
    S9For mini-tablets
    S16With conveyor belt feeder and 5-way sorting diverter
    S17With 2-way sorting diverter

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