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    Automatic tablet testing system with active ingredient ­content measurement

    Härte-Messung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHHärte-Messung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH Hardness
    Oblong-Tabletten, Länge, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHOptionale Weiten-Messung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH Length
    Durchmesser, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH, TablettenprüfsystemeDurchmesser, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH, Tablettenprüfsysteme Diameter
    Messung der Dicke, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHMessung der Dicke, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH Thickness
    Gewichtmessung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHGewichtmessung, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH Weight
    Active Ingredient, Kraemer Elektronik GmbHActive Ingredient, Kraemer Elektronik GmbH Active ingredient content

    The automatic UTS NIR tablet testing system combines the measurement of the physical parameters weight, thickness, diameter/length and hardness with near-infrared spectroscopy (FT-NIR analysis) to determine a tablet's active ingredient content. The UTS NIR is therefore a fully automated online PAT tool, which can be used in production or as an offline tester in the laboratory.

    In conjunction with a tablet press, the system allows you to continuously monitor the production process. It transfers all test results directly to the tablet press. This way, you can take action straight away if there's a problem, keeping your production process on track.

    What's more, the NIRFlex N-500 FT-NIR transmission spectrometer from Büchi Labortechnik AG enables you to reliably transfer applications from the lab tester to the UTS NIR.

    The precise, patented two-jaw centering mechanism positions the test specimen with an accuracy of ± 0.1 mm, guaranteeing very precise test results.

    Its compact, space-saving design and low height enable the UTS NIR to fit under all tablet chutes of the most popular tablet presses. Various sample collectors are available, permitting further analyses in the laboratory, as the customer wishes. Removal of all parts requiring cleaning is uncomplicated and very fast, with no need for tools. The system conforms to the European and US Pharmacopoeia and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

    Photo includes non-standard unit


    • Shorter release times
    • Programmable cycles during ongoing production
    • Qualitative and quantitative online analysis
    • For use in the laboratory and production
    • Dust-proof


    • Windows software
    • Single air conveyor system
    • Double air conveyor system
    • 24-station sample collector


    L x W x H (mm): 740 x 586 x 581
    Weight (kg): 107

    Robust measuring system

    Reliable tablet handover

    Precise tablet positioning (patented stamp)

    Discharge of NIR specimens

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